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1. Caliper Journal is an independent, youth-led architecture journal from Melbourne (Naarm).

2. The work of Caliper Journal takes place on Indigenous lands.

Although this website is free, we urge you to donate the price of a magazine to support Indigenous-led organisations.

Here is a link to various websites and Indigenous organisations compiled by Louis Anderson Mokak, follow him @louis.a.m_ on Instagram.

3. For all submissions and inquiries please email:

Agency 01

Edited by Nicola Cortese, Lauren Crocket and Stephanie Pahnis
Published 2017

Architecture school is a melting pot of ideas, successes, failures and drafts. The pace of production is frantic, yet as students we have the distinct advantage of agility – dancing around ideas and spitting out iterations without the burden of the material world. Each week we are able to digest, rethink and reformulate the inputs of our teachers and predecessors, promptly archiving the outcome in miscellaneous Google Drive folders never to be seen again.

Caliper is a living, physical archive; an outlet for the residual.


Alex Roome
Bernadette Zajd
Dane Zain
Daniel Lazarow
Elizabeth Acland
Freya Solomon
Georgia Eade
Jack Mansfield-Hung
Jack Murray
Jack Self
Jarrod Malbon
Julius Egan
Laura Bailey
Laura Szyman
Lucas MacMillan
Margot Watson
Marnie Newton
Matthew Lochert
Michael Lopes-Vieira
Michael Strack
Monty Balding
Nicola Cortese
Quyen Do
Senesios Frangos
Simon Robinson
Simon Sawyer
Thom Stanistreet
William Grosby
Yiling Shen
Zemin Yang
Zoe Hughes