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Permission 10

Edited by Simone Chait, Jack Murray and Victoria Marquez Musso
Guest Editor: Angus White
Published 2022

I’m sure the person that originated the phrase “just laugh it off” was a surrealist.

What do you do when the world gets too much? Through what lens do you permit your escape?

A dream?︎Meditation?︎A revolt?︎Painting︎Swimming?︎A film? ︎Prank calling?︎Leaving anonymous reviews?︎Using a fake name for a coffee order?︎A hair colour?︎An imaginary friend?︎A new friend?︎Magic?︎Music?︎Dance?

For this issue of Caliper, we grant you Permission.
To redirect your focus towards creating and pondering what is dear to you. We ask that instead of glancing over alarming news headlines, it is time to retire to your own unique panic room. 

This is Permission to remove the filter of adult responsibility and look at the world how you did as a child. When even the mud in the ground could be made into a cake. When humans could be drawn with five arms and no hands. When a swing felt like you were flying in the sky. When you could focus. When you could base your world purely on imagination rather than bleakness breaking through the media machine.

Here, Permission is to escape.

Creation is an act of defiance.

This Permission extends beyond
the discipline you find yourself in.

To create what you always wanted but thought was too absurd or irrational. To find comfort in the uncomfortable.
To comment on the state of the world with a satiric grin. To express your frustration through creation.

CALIPER 10 offers: 
Permission not to accept defeat.
Permission to rebut the real.
Permission to revolt against what you are told you can’t do.
Permission to be someone else.
Permission to wear imagination on your sleeve.
Permission to reclaim the territory of your mind.
Permission to step into one of the only places they can’t touch you.

Caliper 10 invites nostalgia for a time when it was acceptable to not have an opinion.
This issue we invite you to reclaim your imagination.

To view the world as you once did.


Permission to take a step out of the line of fire.                
               DIVE INTO THE POOL.

                                        ESCAPE THE FLAMES. 


                                            ESCAPE FROM THE                       REAL

                                            FIND SANCTUARY IN THE SUR-   

Drink from the cup of the surrealists and never look back.