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1. Caliper Journal is an independent, youth-led architecture journal from Melbourne (Naarm).

2. The work of Caliper Journal takes place on Indigenous lands.

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Collapse 05

Edited by Nicola Cortese, Lauren Crocket, Stephanie Pahnis and Senesios Frangos
Guest Editor: Michael Strack
Published 2019

Collapse was a grandiose word, once reserved for the fall of empires, but now it seems more like unemployment: an everyday occurrence, unpleasant, but perhaps necessary to reintroduce some slack in our lives.

Collapse exists, if only to return nutrients to the soil. So, there is a productivity of collapse: the failure of one paradigm can only bring another - and this is the only way we know how to change.


Meagan Brooks
Lauren Crockett
Chrismarie Fernando
Senesios Frangos
Jill Garner
Natasha Giles
Sharni Hodge
Rory Hyde
Emma Li
Michael Lopes-Vieira
Stephanie Pahnis
Elanor Peres
Yiling Shen
Tidus Lok Tin Shing
Michael Strack
Laura Szyman
John Tanner
Matthew Tibballs
Luke Tuckman