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1. Caliper Journal is an independent, youth-led architecture journal from Melbourne (Naarm).

2. The work of Caliper Journal takes place on Indigenous lands.

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Faith 09

Edited by Simone Chait, Yuchen Gao, Connor Hanna, Victoria Marquez, Jack Murray and Yiling Shen.

Published 2021

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architecture—knowledge—history—desire—the sacred—metaphysics—symbol—ritual—heresy—technology—sex—tradition—the institution—memories—self—hope—truth—the unknown—ideology—the occult—science—democracy—intuition—the economy—prayer—religion—academia—nothing—mysticism—doubt—faith—

When I was little, I fell in love with those places steeped in faith.

Faded stonework, stories hidden beneath each groove. The ceremony of entrance, the holy water marking the transitions between states. How they breathed solemnity into silence, with gilded alcoves and whispering altars conjuring images of the sacred, the transcendent, and the sublime. 

The power of an image, obscured, and slowly unfolding.
Moments of clarity through the soft mesh of gauze.
A candle, lost, and relit.

What is sacred space, today? What is ritual? 

What are spaces that make your heart quicken, glimpses of clarity in an oneiric haze? 
Kaleidoscopic colours drifting across hard wooden floors. Ancient trees, unnumbered megaliths, firmly outside the realm of the cult, the canny, and the scrutable. Images and rituals infused with centuries of tradition and culture, or an everyday kind of faith in gestures of homely generosity and spiritual domesticity.

FAITH is not only the spiritual, but stories of hope, of desire. Prayers for the future, and a belief in something beyond the unending now. Fears of a utopia, or dreams of an eschatological end. Far reaching in its significance, yet achingly intimate, FAITH asks you to consider, to dream, and to believe.

FAITH is a synonym for hope, a love letter to the unknown, and the celebration of the stories, myths, and traditions that make up our limitless selves.

For this issue, we ask for the personal, the terrific, and the divine. 


Oscar Casper
Simone Chait
Ethan Yu-Teng Chung
Jack Cohen
Andrew Copolov
Lauren Crockett
Lily Di Sciascio
Tori Dinardo
Briony Ewing
Rose Gamble
Yuchen Gao
Joseph Henry
Arthur Knight
Perry Kulper
Shaun McCallum
Nic Morgante

Jack Murray
Anna Richards
Eilidh Ross
James Rumanovsky
Fletcher Scott
Imogen Smith
Michael Spooner
Laura Szyman
Sam Torre
Jenn Tran
Yasmin Wallace
Jingyuan Wang
Angus White
Laura Zammit
Hannah Zhu