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1. Caliper Journal is an independent, youth-led architecture journal from Melbourne (Naarm).

2. The work of Caliper Journal takes place on Indigenous lands.

Although this website is free, we urge you to donate the price of a magazine to support Indigenous-led organisations.

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Love 06

Edited by Nicola Cortese, Lauren Crocket, Stephanie Pahnis and Senesios Frangos
Guest Editor: Laura Bailey
Published 2019
🍬 Desire 🍬 Intimacy 🍬 Seduction 🍬 Narcissism 🍬 Ego 🍬 Deceit 🍬 Tenderness 🍬 Doubt  🍬 Vulnerability 🍬 Sexuality 🍬 Gender 🍬  Empathy 🍬 Heartbreak 🍬 Pain  🍬 Care 🍬 Affection 🍬  Endearment 🍬 Passion 🍬 Devotion 🍬 Lust 🍬 Adoration  🍬 Idolization 🍬 Ardor 🍬 Yearning 🍬 Infatuation 🍬 Obsession 🍬 Fluidity 

Events are rare. They retroactively create their own cause.

If we see love as an event; the fall, the ground breaking moment, are we from the start describing love through the language of metaphor? Here we enter a fog of slippery language. An ongoing battle between desire and doubt, where the food never spoils, and the flowers do not wither.

In this state, perhaps the only way we can look at love, is to avoid looking directly at it. Like Perseus using the brightly shined shield to defeat Medusa, as a result, looking at the object without becoming blind.

This issue of LOVE asks you to succumb to the spill, the sandalwood fragrance and glazed cherries.


Adam Nathaniel Furman
Albert Rex
Alli Elisabet Palmieri
Andrew Clapham
Andre Bonnice
Carrie Lu
Dan Schulz
Emily Davies
Georgia McCole
Jack Murray
Jean-Marie Spencer
Laura Bailey

Laura Szyman
Lou Verga
Lucas MacMillan
Massi Surrat
Michael Spooner
Nicola Cortese
The Projects
Samuel Torre
Senesios Frangos
Stephanie Pahnis
XX Voto