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1. Caliper Journal is an independent, youth-led architecture journal from Melbourne (Naarm).

2. The work of Caliper Journal takes place on Indigenous lands.

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Power 03

Edited by Nicola Cortese, Lauren Crocket, Stephanie Pahnis and Senesios Frangos
Guest Editor: Amy Evans
Published 2018

Architecture, since its historical foundations, has been used as a tool for expressing, implementing and symbolising power in societies. Architects have shaped our buildings and cities, yet it has always been at the bidding of regimes of power; emperors, governments, churches, companies and wealthy individuals.

Even the very first recorded words of architectural theory are a glowing dedication, written by Vitruvius, to the emperor Augustus – the most powerful man on Earth. Architecture was used as a means of homogenising the Roman Empire through its continuous deployment of the classical language. The language of corporate architecture plays a similar role today.
Is it the case then, that architecture is fundamentally bound to those with power?
And, what is its relationship to those without it? (Amy Evans)


Alex Christos
Allan Burrows
Ally Bennett
Amy Evans
Arjuna Benson
Becky Strong
Carrie Lu
Civis Sophia
Conor Todd
Daniel Wilson
Ella Gauci-Seddon
Eva Florinda
Grant Chapman
Guillermo Marquez Musso
Gumji Kang
Jack Heatley
Jessica Thompson
Kyle Bush
Laura Szyman
Liam Oxlade
Loughlin O'Kane
Marta Parra
Michael Spooner
Mietta Mullaly
Millicent Gunner
Nicola Cortese
Nuud Studio
Olivia Akl
Peter Brew
Simon Robinson
Stephanie Pahnis
Steve Mintern
Tiffany Yu
Yash Ravi
Yiling Shen